Rules And Regulations

1. Burial space is sold with the understanding that it may be used for no other purpose than for burial of the human dead. The lot purchase price and charges for interments, disinterments, foundations or other work must be paid for in advance. The association will charge a fee for any returned checks.

2. Sections are sold subject to perpetual care and all work done thereon will be performed by employees of the association or by a company or individual contracted by the board of trustees to perform such work. Individuals using weed killer or fertilizer on graves causing grass kills will be charged for repair.

3. Section owners shall make no improvements or erect any structures upon their burial space and no enclosure shall be permitted around any grave. The planting of flowers, trees and shrubs is prohibited.

4. Markers

A. Only one marker will be permitted on a grave, except for a veteran marker. All markers must be of bronze and set flush with and following the contour of the established grave. The basic top dimensions of markers will be as follows:

Individual 12 inches x 24 inches Individual 14 inches x 24 inches Companion 13 inches x 44 inches Family 13 inches x 44 inches

Ash Companion 13 x 36

Section markers showing the number of the section will be furnished without charge to the section owner. All markers placed on graves in Glen Rest Memorial Estate shall be installed by the Cemetery Association. The Cemetery Association has no responsibility for defects or other problems with markers not purchased from the association or for damage caused by placing gravel or other material around the marker which causes a marring of the marker.

B. Markers shall be installed so that the inscription thereon shall be readable from the established paths between graves. Family or Companion markers shall be installed adjacent to the pathway and centered upon the burial section. Where individual markers are used in conjunction with family markers such individual markers shall be installed at the head (far end) of each burial space. See Illustration on back.
C. The foundation for all markers will be installed by the cemetery management at the expense of the section owner.
5. No interment will be permitted in a section without the written order of the section owner, showing the exact location of the grave site on the section and not unless a proper burial permit or certificate is furnished. Twenty-four hours notice is required before any interment. Access to the cemetery is at the discretion of the superintendent.
6. Only one interment shall be permitted in a grave except in the case of a mother and infant or two children in one casket. A Burial Vault is required for all interments. Special vaults shall be used for ashes and infant interments of a child under fifty inches. Except: A grave may be used for one vault and one urn or two urns. If more than one urn is interred, then each urn will be interred in a different quarter of the section. The rulings of the superintendent shall be final on all urn burials. The scattering of ashes on the cemetery grounds is prohibited.

7. No disinterments shall be made, except by cemetery employees upon the written request of the section owner.

8. No person shall enter the cemetery grounds without special permission of the superintendent except through the gates which will be open daily from dawn to dusk. Fishing and the feeding of wildlife is prohibited.

9. No persons in an intoxicated condition, hunters, dogs (except on leash), or persons otherwise improperly conducting themselves will be permitted within the cemetery grounds, nor will private advertising in any form be permitted.

10. When the owner of burial space sells a section to another, the transfer shall be made by the association upon the receipt of a fee for affecting the transfer and conveyance.

11. Flowers and Wreaths

A. Fresh cut flowers are permitted anytime.

B. Potted plants are only permitted on Easter and Memorial Day.

C. Artificial flowers and wreaths are permitted only between November 1st and March 1st

D. Glass containers are not permitted.


The Cemetery office hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM to 12 Noon on Saturday.

There are no Sunday or holiday hours.